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Safety Management System ISO 45001

Safety of the workers, contractors, visitors, neighbors is the main legal  responsibility of the Organization, breach of this can result in severe financial penalties including Jail terms for the Owners and Directors of the business.

ISO 45001  Safety  Management System,  Jas Anz Accredited Certified Organization helps business in identification of Hazards within the business and put controls in place to bring these risks within As Low As Reasonably Possible (ALARP) principles. It forces the business to have trained First Aid Officers, Fire Wardens, Emergency Response Plans covering various kinds of Emergencies.

Communication with all employees about safety issues and taking the opinion of the employees into consideration.

Having Jas Anz Accredited Certification tells clients that the business is interested in the Safety of their Employees, Contractors, Visitors and Neighbors.

Having Jas Anz ISO accredited certification helps the business to grow both nationally as well as internationally as the Jas Anz certification is recognized worldwide and helps the business in taking part in Tenders and dealing with Major Organizations for whom Safety Certification is a requirement.

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