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Information Security System  ISO 27001

Cyber Security is a major issue for all Organizations, Australian businesses and Individuals are loosing millions of dollars to various scams. Total amount lost to scams in Australia is over 3 . 1 billion dollars.

ISO 27001 Information Security Certification, Jas Anz Accredited Certified Organization helps business in identification of all Cyber Security Hazards within the business and put controls in place .

The way this is carried out is having Statement of Applicability (SoA) listing out all the clauses and putting controls in place against all the clauses.  

 Having Jas Anz Accredited Certification tells clients that the business is taking Cyber Security issues seriously and have adequate controls put in place to manage their cyber security risks.

Having Jas Anz ISO accredited certification helps the business to grow both nationally as well as internationally as the Jas Anz certification is recognized worldwide and helps the business in taking part in Tenders and dealing with Major Organizations for whom Information Security  Certification is a requirement.

Consistent Improvements

Quality Systems

An IQC ISO 27001 accreditation is part of the ISO 27000 Information Security Management System (ISMS) family of standards, which helps to safeguard you and keep your organisation’s assets secure.

We make it fast, easy and pain-free to future proof your business’ digital assets, from reviewing your current system or establishing new ways to protect from harm.

Could your information security system do with a makeover?

Are you willing to put your employees’ personal data on the line?

Protect yourself today before it’s too late.

With the highest level of comprehensive security protection, your business information is secure and standardised against industry requirements. From digital data, paper documents, to physical assets like computers and networks, protect your employees and your bottom line.


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An IQC check-up will:

  1. Harmonise with the structure of your other management systems
  2. Continually improve and modify to secure your information
  3. Clarify your legal obligations for documentation and reporting
  4. Risk assesses your current management processes using an easy-to-follow model

Your business is your baby – protect it today!

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