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Food Safety Management System ISO 22000

Food Safety Management Systems (ISO 22000)

Food Safety is a major issue for all Organizations who are part of the food supply chain this includes Food Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, Transport Companies, Warehousing , Food Packaging, and Labelling Manufacturers.

ISO 22000  Certification, Jas Anz Accredited Certified Organization helps business in managing risks to Food Safety and managing all the Hazards that may make Food Injurious to the Health of the Consumers.

Food Safety Management System (FSMS) has two Plan Do Check Act Cycles , First covers the Management System, Second the Operations.


Having Jas Anz Accredited Certification tells clients that the business is taking Food Security issues seriously and have adequate controls put in place to manage their Food Safety Risks .

Having Jas Anz ISO accredited certification helps the business to grow both nationally as well as internationally as the Jas Anz certification is recognized worldwide and helps the business in taking part in Tenders and dealing with Major Organizations for whom Food Safety ISO 22000 Certification is a requirement.

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