A Work Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 18001)

It is an organisation’s duty of care to address the safety of all parties that come into contact with their workplace. Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems are put in place to put the concerns of employees and wider community at the forefront of an organisation’s priorities, demonstrating a commitment to providing a safe working environment.

The implementation of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System enables companies to identify hazards in their company processes, maintaining a safe working environment by controlling any risks that could occur, while improving the performance of the company.

The OSHAS 18001 issued by a third party certifier signifies that the management system in place complies to the best practice as deemed industry appropriate by the assessors of risk and hazard control in the service and statutory requirements of the industry.

The Standard outlines the principles integral to the contractual standard, requirements for management system implementation, plus several measurable dimensions to certify a system. The Occupational Health and Safety Management System can specify the mission values, vision, nature of activities and conditions of application integral to the certification of the system in place.

A successful OHSAS management system will be analysed on its:

  • Mission, Vision and intent of the organisation
  • The Mission and Vision communicated to interested parties
  • Applicable legislation requirements
  • Activities conducted to identify hazards, assess them and control their risk
  • Policy compliance
  • Avenues that ensure continual improvement upon the standard
  • Declaration of compliance with the standard
  • Monitoring system performance
  • Workplace facilities
  • Communication to employees of the associated risk in all processes associated with the service

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