What is BC Kosher Certification?

The BC Kosher emblem is an internationally recognised trademark of BC Kosher Supervision, one of the primary kosher certification bodies. The word kosher means proper or acceptable and has informally entered the English language with that meaning. You may already be familiar with some of the more well-known requirements, but you may be surprised at the extent of the regulations with which you are not familiar.

Observant Jews are wary of certain animals, fowl and fish (such as pork and rabbit, eagle and owl, catfish and sturgeon), and any shellfish, insect or reptile and the way they are prepared for consumption. Those that observe Kosher laws practise consuming only kosher species of meat and fowl – that is, the food must be slaughtered in a prescribed manner, and meat and dairy products may not be manufactured or consumed together.

Kosher foods require strict supervision for preparation. For example, shouldn't cereals and potato chips be inherently kosher since they are not made from meat, fowl, fish or insects? The answer is that all units and subunits in a food item must be kosher as well. Therefore, for example, a cereal may be non-kosher because it contains a flavouring, which in turn contains civet, a flavour enhancer extracted from an African cat-like mammal. Potato chips can be non-kosher if the vegetable oil used in the fryer has been pasteurised and deodorised on equipment used for tallow production. In fact, equipment used for hot production of non-kosher products may not be used for kosher production without kosherisation (a hot purging procedure).

Over the past several years, the demand for kosher certified products has increased dramatically. In fact, we’ve seen the kosher market grow at an annual rate of 15% for the past several years. In order to meet this demand, companies throughout the world are seeking kosher certification in order to expand their existing market and enhance sales strategies. The BCK, one of the world's most widely accepted kosher symbols, immediately and universally enhances your product, affecting the perception of its quality, and increasing its marketability.

BCK certifies food giants and their products at Canada Safeway Ltd, Rogers Sugar, Golden Boy Foods Inc, Dan-D Foods Ltd, Bakemark Ingredients Canada Ltd, Canadian Fishing Company and Flora Manufacturing & Distributing Ltd. operating throughout Canada, the USA and many other countries throughout the world. Many of these companies have chosen the BC Kosher Certification and are enjoying the marketing privileges it offers.

Over $165 billion of kosher certified products are consumed annually, and spending continues to rise dramatically. With the BCK symbol you can open new marketing avenues like never before.

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