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How does Jas Anz ISO certification work?

Jas Anz Accredited Certification conducted by IQC is a third party Audit which is independent and impartial based on checking whether the Organization meets the ISO Standards which it has applied for.

The First Step is the Organization conducts a Gap Audit this is to determine the gaps in the Organization Management System and What the ISO Standard requires. The Gap Audit can be conducted by the Organization or can be done by IQC.

Once all the gaps are covered and the Organization is ready it is called

Stage 1 Audit

This is to ensure that the Organization has the required mandatory documents like the Policies, Manual , Objectives and Targets, Context of the Organizations , Needs and Expectations of Interested Parties , Risk and Opportunity

Have completed mandatory requirements like a complete round of Internal Audits, Management Review.

It is a precursor to Stage 2 Audit, Auditor will look at the level of understanding and depth of implementation for the Management System. If all requirements are completed then the Organization moves to the Stage2 Audit.

Stage 2 Audit

The Auditor will look at the evidence of implementation for all the clauses of the standard. For example for Training , Auditor will look at the Training Records of employees.

If there is no evidence of implementation then it will be deemed a Major Non-Conformance and Certificate will not be issued till the Major Non- Conformance is closed out.

If partial compliance is achieved then the Auditor will raise a minor non- conformance  and the Organization will have to submit a plan as to how it plans to close out the non-conformance.

If there are no major or minor non-conformances then the Auditor will recommend certification and the report will be sent to the IQC Technical Committee who will recommend certification if they are satisfied with the report and evidence supplied in the report.

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