Technical Audit

There are two types of technical audits. One audits the processes, the other audits the specific product itself. The two types of technical audits effectively evaluate the technical aspects of a project in an organisation, looking for holes in the processes or products and correcting such measures, ensuring the technical operations comply with industry standards for the specific field of practice as required.

Product Audit

A product audit ensures the product manufactured complies with the specifications and the intended use or requirement meets statutory and regulatory requirements.

A product audit can include evaluating performance standards, customer requirements, specifications and relevant expectations. It includes identifying the problem, containing the non-conformance, reworking or repairing the product, disposing of the product if necessary and identify the measures that lead to the problem and determining how to prevent a recurrence.

Process Audit

A process audit focuses on processes and not a specific person or product. It examines the effectiveness of company procedures, checking that written procedures, records and customer order verification is monitored in the workplace as required.

A process audit evaluates how is the product processed from the supply chain, to the manufacturer, to the retailer, to the customer. It can include monitoring working environments, temperature control, occupational health and safety measures met to standard, monitoring employee habits, looking for trends, correcting problematic actions and preventing mitigation.