Project Audit

Delivering projects can be difficult for many organisations. Managers and sponsors can find it difficult to understand the nature of a project and, in many cases, the project will become an independent entity without much control. Problems can arise, like scheduling, costing and quality issues, that prevent it from meeting those original expectations the team had envisioned.

Project audits help managers see the status of a project and whether or not it is on track for successful completion. It can also shed light on the state of the project management, and whether that structure needs to be more rigorous.

An ongoing project audit doesn’t just help an organisation understand the nature of singular projects. Regularly putting audits into the schedule helps organisations how to better standardise their project management systems and stick closer to schedule. It can certainly highlight whether there is a need for better management, standard implementation and rigidity, or additional employee training and supervision.

A project audit can produce:

  • Useful questionnaires that the project manager and involved team members completed
  • An overall assessment of how project management practices are applied
  • An overall assessment of the project’s development, including areas for improvement
  • Project auditing can help you assess the current state of a project, and tells you if your project management processes are being followed.  We can help you understand whether everything is on-track or if you should be worried.

    Project auditing is an essential process in the workforce. Keep your project management processes on track and your tasks flourishing. At IQC, we can help you understand if you’re on the right track. Contact us today and we’ll help you check your workplace status.