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Why Is ISO45001 Important For Construction?

ISO45001 is the new occupational health and safety standard. Organisations currently certified in OHSAS 18001 standard should now be going through the migration process ready for their next audit. The new standard is well suited to the building and construction industry. Whether you are a large construction company or a smaller one. However, the standard will be used throughout all industry sectors to improve oHS for all employees.

What is ISO45001?

If you are wondering what ISO45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) is and why it is important? Then this article is for you! As the world continues to grow, it is very important for organisations, both which are big and small is size. To make sure that they’re growing in line with adequate safety protection for their customers, staff and any stakeholders. This is very important as, at times, key operations of an organisation can make the organisation overlook the safety of the staff. This is what ISO45001 provides.

This is where ISO45001 comes into the equation.

ISO 45001:2018 is an international standard that targets occupational health and safety management in an organisation. Regardless, of its size, scope or operation. It provides organisations with a framework in which it helps hold a comprehensive management system that protects the health and safety of those working in the organisation.

ISO 45001 aims to impart a continual cycle of performance in the context of occupational health and safety. As well as, meeting any and all legal regulatory requirements in your specific industry. This will be written and revised, by a committee of technical experts with experience in the space of OHS.

Why is ISO 45001 Important?

ISO 45001 certification is incredible important when it comes to meeting the regulatory mandates and assembling a tailor-made occupational health and safety to your organisation. Instead of having a pre made safety system, ISO 45001 is designed to be applied to you’re organisations specifically , so you can target problematic or risky areas of your operations.

Importance of Quality and Safety

Having a Management System implemented and certified under ISO today has become more important than ever within companies. Due to, not only its compliance synonymous with a quality company. Still also represents a competitive advantage over other companies by improving the perspective that its taken of it in the market.

This standard allows the management to encourage participation within the organisation. To open the way to consultation and contribution of each individual member. The key is communication; to identify areas of opportunity within the organisation or company.

Why is ISO45001 Certification Necessary:

  1. Reduced Operating Costs: More worker safety and more injury prevention means less downtime, which means less money will be spent on compensation and legal fees.
  2. Increased Productivity: A healthy worker is a happier and more productive worker. Safe and healthy workforce means a boosted bottom line for the organisation.
  3. Reduced Insurance Payments: The organisation can save money on insurance by demonstrating that the organisation has necessary certification in place. If the organisation can prove, the workforce is taken care of, insurable risk will be lowered, which means insurance costs will decrease.
  4. Improved Stakeholder Relationships: Showing importance to health and safety of the employees and customers, it will help strengthen business relationships. While still focusing on the occupational health and safety as a whole.
  5. Improved Risk Management Identifying potential risks ahead of time and creating a safe working environment. With necessary controls in place, the organise will be able to reduce risk and keep employees safe.
  6. Legal Compliance Staying up to date with the required certification, it will help fulfil legal and other requirements. While also, allowing the organisation to understand how specific regulatory requirements impact the organisation or business.

Generally speaking, as a risk based certification, the objective of ISO45001 is to continually drive you to improve your organisation’s occupational health and safety. More than the benefits mentioned above, having the ISO 45001 certification will help build credibility in the industry and with potential clients.

How Will ISO45001 Impact Productivity?

Implementation of ISO45001 in your organisation paves a way towards fewer workplace injuries and illnesses through a proactive approach to hazard identification and risk assessment. Which in turn leads to improved organisational health and safety. With ISO 45001 certification, companies demonstrate that they have taken every crucial step to protect the workers.This is done by eliminating ineffective practices which helps the employees to deliver more in a stipulated time due to effective systems in place.

In brief, implementing ISO45001 is a complex undertaking, which requires the whole organisation. Generally speaking it can take between three months to a year from scoping, to certification, ultimately depending on numerous factors. In the long run, the few months of setting up and implementing ISO 45001 can save a lot of money and time for the organisation, in the future.

What value does ISO45001 add to a business?

Certification is fundamentally about providing trust and confidence. In today’s world, the customers, business partners and shareholders want to be sure that the business is not being put at a risk by not having safeguards. As a result, it is great to have appropriate safeguards in place around sensitive data and information.

Why ISO45001 over other standards?

Generally speaking, this is a very common question. Overall, the ISO45001 standard is flexible enough to be adopted for all industries. As a result, it can be integrated at many layers to ensure security and compliance.

In short an Accreditation Body which is widely used in Australia under which many Certification Bodies work is called Jas Anz. Moreover, this Accreditation Body Jas Anz is part of the world wide Accreditation bodies called International Accreditation Forum

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