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What is ISO 45001 and its Effects with Solar and Renewable Energy ?

Importance of ISO 45001

ISO 145001 is an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. ISO 45001 are meant for companies and organisations. To provide practical tools for companies of any industry to manage their environmental responsibilities and improve their environmental performance.

ISO 45001 is a recognised International Standard that outlines requirements for specific occupational health and safety (OH&S) management systems. The standard provides organisations with guidance to develop their OH&S systems, allowing for improvement in preventing workplace injury as well as quality control.

Having Occupational Health and Safety management System conform to standard by:

  • Provide a safer and healthier workplace for all employees, contractors, customers and visitor
  • Increase productivity and efficiency through fewer workplace incidents and downtime
  • Increase customer confidence, through a proactive approach to the safety and health of personnel
  • Reduce safety and health hazards and risks in the workplace through worker consultation and involvement
  • Improve competency of personnel through increased awareness

How can Renewable Energy Sector improve work safety?

The necessary Health & Safety programs, policies, and procedures must be established and documented, and the appropriate training programs must be developed and implemented for initial and on-going worker training. For operating solar and wind installations, a baseline Health & Safety Audit is recommended to assess gaps and recommend corrective actions and improvements, both with regards to regulatory compliance and best management practices.

The benefits of the development and implementation of a Health & Safety Management System, such as ISO 45001, cannot be overemphasized, for assuring the protection of employees working in Green Energy installations, such as wind farms, solar farms and solar systems. Implementation of an ISO 45001 Management System in a Green Energy organization paves the way toward the reduction in workplace injuries and illnesses through a proactive approach to hazard identification, risk assessment, and systematic management of health & safety concerns for its workers. These steps lead to improved organizational health and safety, with the added benefit of culminating the betterment of the organization’s sustainability status and performance scoring.

Why ISO14001 over other standards?

Generally speaking, this is a very common question. Overall, the standard is flexible enough to be adopted for all industries. As a result, it can be integrated at many layers to ensure security and compliance.

In short an Accreditation Body which is widely used in Australia under which many Certification Bodies work is called Jas Anz. Moreover, this Accreditation Body Jas Anz is part of the world wide Accreditation bodies called International Accreditation Forum

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