AS/NZS 4801 (Australia & New Zealand) for the management of Occupational Health & Safety

Effective assessment and management of Occupational Health and Safety management is so important. Keeping workers safe and reducing costs not only from work related illnesses and injuries but from non-compliance. Protect your organisation and staff by adhering to the Australian and New Zealand Standard 4801 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – a standard that’s also been adopted overseas.

The Standard sets out requirements for implementing an effective and efficient Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which can be verified by an auditing and certifying body.

Regardless of your field or organisation size, certifying your business in AS/NZS, much like the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System (QMS) Standard, demonstrates that you also comply with a Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) Standard management system.

The AS/NZS 4801 Standard:

  • outlines how to identify, assess and control WHS Risks
  • reduces the likelihood of WHS incidents occurring in the workplace
  • builds others’ awareness of the commitment your business has to WHS
  • gives management confidence and reassurance that the business is meeting the WHS legislative requirements
  • assists organisations in improving upon their WHS framework and processes

It is the responsibility of all businesses to ensure the safety and protection of their workers during operations. Complying with AS/NZS 4801 is a straightforward way to maintain a safe working environment for all employees that takes into consideration potential hazards, assess their risk and reduce their chance of harm.

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